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Asthi Mitra Female (Joint Pain Reliever in Female)

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Joint pain reliever with strengthening of bones and joints in female

These information are meant for patient’s awareness and education only

    100% Natural & Chemical Free 

    • Helps in giving relief to chronic pain due to musculo-skeletal disorders like arthritis, gout, low back pain etc.
    • Almost all female faces low bone density and joints become fragile. It gives the required calcium and other benefits of natural herbs to boost the strength of bone and cartilage.
    • It helps prevent osteoporosis and common fractures of joint, if taken regularly.
    • It helps promote joints and movement flexibility by restoring mobility and reducing pain in joints.
    • 100% herbal product
    • Non steroidal 


    Bones are usually strong in young age but by the time bone density and strength gradually decreases. In results bones get weekend and pain full. If the problems remain untreated some people develop osteoporosis. Bones become porous like sponge and fragile. Bone loose their density at the faster rate because of loss of calcium from bones. Women are at the high risk of developing this disorder. 

    Ashthi Mitra  is carefully crafted formula with the goodness of nature and is the unique combination of  herbs. It extensively helps to increase calcium and bone health.  Our herbs help to get rid off joint pain and stiffness. Effective in rheumatic conditions and helps in reduce inflammation. 

    Ingredients and their benefits

    Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) - It is beneficial for metabolism of the body ,promotes absorption and maintain healthy heart and blood circulation.

    Kaunch (Mucuna p.) - It prevents and treats neurological weakness and increases vitality & internal vigor and also helps reduce stress.

    Musli  (Cholorophytum.b) -  It is well known indigenous rare herbs that boost vitality and sexual performance along with fighting arthritis, diabetes and weakness.

    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- Helps in reducing tension, stress and keeps blood pressure under control and with blood circulation in musculo-skeletal system.

    Shatavari (Asparagus.r)- This herbs is well known for its antioxidant , anti-inflammatory properties with boosting and keeping the immunity up to the mark.

    Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) – Its almost specific for joint pains and helps reduce long standing pain of musculo-skeletal system.

    Vanshlochan (Bamboo.S) - It is specifically used for weak bone, lack of flexibility of movement and helpful in arthritic pain

    Shilajeet – It is used as health tonic in general. It makes the body strong and prevents weakness of bones and muscles. It is also of help in weight loss and lack of energy.

    Dosage – 2 capsules in morning and 2 capsules in evening with water/milk OR as directed by the Physician

    In any ways these information should not be used as substitute for Doctor’s Consultation

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