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Arsh Niwarak - Herbal care for Piles

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Herbal care for Piles 

These information are meant for patient’s awareness and education only

100% herbal product

Soften Stool  

Reduce pain and swelling 

Relives itching and burning sensations 

Perfect partner to your workout routine

Manufactured in Ministry of Ayush approved plant 


Piles are a common ailment. It may effects men and women at any age it caused by continuous and high pressure in the lower rectum and constipation. Excessive strain during bowel movement put pressure on blood vessels around the anus rectum get stretched or swelled and piles form. It is a condition in which a fleshy mass of different size and shape appear in the anus. It obstructed the passes of gases and stool. If the problem remains untreated it creates discomfort and bleeding during bowel movement. 

Asrh Niwarak helps in reducing pain and swelling, softens stool, relives itching and burning sensations.       



Punarnava , Kana- Piper Long (50 mg), Nagarmautha (EXTRACT) (50 mg), Chiruvillawa  (EXTRACT) (50 mg), Chitrak (75 mg), Abhaya  (EXTRACT) (100 mg),  Ajmoda (125 mg),  Javasa (100 mg), Neem Ghan  (EXTRACT) (50 mg), Bakayan Ghan  (EXTRACT) (50 mg)

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