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Reduce on (herbal weight loss)

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Loss weight harmlessly with wonders of herbs

These information are meant for patient’s awareness and education only

Increases the rate of metabolism that helps to utilized excess fat stored in the body for daily requirements.

It consists of natural herbal remedies that helps reduce weight naturally. 

Provides the vital nutrients required for boosting of immune response.

Maintains a perfect balance of nutritional status of the body and keeps you active and refreshed all the day.

About the product:

Reducing weight is a difficult task; many people are struggling to reduce   few kilos despite of exercising a lot. Some times their fatter body makes them laughing stock among the society this may become the reason of lack of confidence and stress. 

Reduce on is carefully crafted formula with the goodness of nature and is the unique combination of herbs. It is formulated for people who are seeking to reduce weight. It extensively helps in the prevention of variety of health anomalies due to obesity, its immunity booster effects, promoting removal of toxins from the body through excretion, and mobilizes fats to be utilized thereby preventing accumulation and obesity.

It is easy to consume store and carry. This product improves digestion, store good health, increasing metabolism and helps lose weight. One needs to use product for longer time with changes in diet and life style. Reducing sugars, starches or carbs from diet is help full in reducing weight. We recommend to assemble protein, vegetable, complex carbs and  low calories food in daily diet.  

Ingredients and their benefits

Chivya (Piper.o): – It helps in treating Irritable bowel syndrome and regulates bowel habit thereby increasing metabolism and helps lose weight.

Chitrak (Plumbago.z):- It helps in lowering cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates to a level necessary for sustenance of various functions and activities of body.  

Triphala (three herbs/fruits- Amla, Bibhataki ,Haritaki):- It is powerful anti –inflammatory and antioxidants that provide triple protection against diseases. It is clinically proven to increase metabolism of the system.

Guggal (Commiphora w.): -It promote weight loss by inducing the breakdown of stored fat in the body. Simultaneously reduces skin fold circumference and bulkiness.

Nagarmutha (Cyperus r.): - In Ayurveda, obesity or unwanted fat accumulation is due to an excess Ama in the body. Nagarmotha helps to reduce Ama by improving digestion, absorption of food and by reducing excess fat in the body.

Garcinia (G.cambojia):- It is well known remedy and forms parts of evidence based medicine for weight loss and maintain body in shape.

Varun (Crateava n.):- It is a well known remedy for promoting removal of toxins from the body through excretion, and mobilizes fats to be utilized thereby preventing accumulation and obesity.

Sariaka (Vateria indica):- It is a well known herb for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It regulates metabolism and helps lose weight in obese patient.

Brihiti (Solanum .i):- It helps to reduce subcutaneous fats and keep glowing skin, furthermore it helps to enhance immunity and reduces allergic effects.

Darbha (Imperata.c.):- Darbha breaks down carbohydrates and fats faster and helps to be utilized for energy supply. This action makes it a good remedy for obesity.

Karanj (Millettis .p):- It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that supplement the body’s immune system.

Dosage: – 2 capsules in morning and 2 capsules in evening with water or as directed by the Physician

In any ways these information should not be used as substitute for Doctor’s Consultation.

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